IPFS was incorporated to deliver the highest level of early-intervention services to healthcare providers and their international patients.

IPFS seeks to improve the service that international patients receive after they have left a medical facility in the USA, assist with confusing medical claims and ensure that providers are paid promptly for their services.

We provide comprehensive services for client selected patient accounts that are not aged enough for collection agency work.

Our methodology makes our services the best value for working and being paid on international self-pay, travel insurance, commercial insurance and embassy guaranteed accounts as early in the account lifecycle as possible.

We become an extension of your business office, allowing us to do the international work while you control the processes.

In some instances, healthcare providers either do not have the staff or resources or choose not to use or develop their employees' talents for the international patients. That is when IPFS steps in and custom-designs a program to fit your needs in as seamless a manner as possible.


IPFS supports the principles and goals of HIPAA and Data Protection legislation.

IPFS' documented policies and procedures were established to ensure the security of protected health information and other confidential or private information that IPFS receives, stores or transmits.

For more information about how IPFS protects your confidential information or to make a complaint please contact us.

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